Mass POWER is a grassroots coalition committed to restoring the right to vote for prisoners incarcerated on felony convictions in Massachusetts. We are currently organizing to collect 80,000 signatures from MA voters to get the restoration of the right to vote on the ballot in 2022. The right to vote is a central tenet of democracy. No one should have this right removed because of their association with the prison system. Mass POWER aims to “break the chains off the ballot box” and build an inclusive democracy.

If this ballot initiative is enacted, over 8,000 people would have their voting rights restored. Restoring the right to vote helps affirm the humanity of incarcerated people, helps those most impacted by the criminal legal system hold the government accountable, and reduces the incentive to target communities for disenfranchisement through incarceration.

A fully participatory democracy is an effective democracy, and as a collective, we can help Massachusetts became a national leader in the voting rights movement joining jurisdictions like Maine, Puerto Rico, and Vermont in ensuring that all prisoners have a vote.


We demand universal prisoner suffrage for Massachusetts